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Your Body.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre And More.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on a relaxed and non judgmental space where you can let go of your cares and find a real connection with yourself and those around you.


Walk into the space and let the light and vibrancy take over your body and soul and fill you with a new energy.


Not just for your body but also for any level, we offer something for everyone with a wide range of classes making it easy for all


At Gym 115, we believe that everyone can achieve the results that matter to THEM.

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Unrivalled Experience

Meeting your needs

Our team of teachers are the best in the business, with years and years of experience and knowledge they will not only shape your body but also your mind. Let them take you on a journey of transformation and relaxation so that you can handle all the little challenges in life with ease.

The Zenergy 'Wellness' Studio

Let us get your mind and body working as one for peak health in our dedicated studio.

Offering a range of zen classes from yoga, pilates, barre and more. Need to unwind? The Zenergy studio is the place to go.

One stop shop (other facilities)

At Gym 115, you can enjoy a traditional gym workout on our state of the art equipment with plenty to choose from.

From a good treadmill run, to some light or heavy weight training, no need has been forgotten.

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Tip of the week from @a.sweet_wayoflife #gym115randwick ​Why Women should do weights? -Builds lean muscle mass -More muscle mass means you will burn more calories during the day -Helps build strength in our functions movements helping us with day to day activities -When performed correctly & safely it actually reduces the risk of injuries -Strengthens; muscles, Bones, connective tissue, ligaments & tendons -Helps maintain & increase balance, stability, mobility & flexibility. -Lowers & potentially eliminating signs and symptoms of mental & physical health issues. -Makes you feel, stronger, fitter, happier & healthier. ​ ...

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