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Gym 115: Randwick, Sydney

115 is putting community and fun back into your health and fitness schedule.

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Previously Punch Fitness

Opening Hours
Monday – Thursday: 6am – 8pm
Friday: 6 – 7pm
Saturday: 7 – 5pm
Sunday: 9 – 4pm

Randwick’s Best Gym

Experience new equipment, exciting and motivating classes with a capped membership base keeping it local and tribal. At Gym 115, results matter along with the whole experience every time you come in. With over 50 small group training classes all your fitness and motivation needs will be met at Randwick’s best gym.

One membership fee that covers EVERYTHING, with no hidden costs and experienced trainers to take your fitness goals to the next level.

Our Philosophy
Local community tribe

Run by locals for locals, a place where everyone belongs. Gym 115 will put the fun back into your health and fitness.


Ever changing and evolving facilities and classes to alleviate ‘ground hog’ day at the gym.


A fresh and fun environment with so much to offer that you are always motivated to stay fit, healthy and well all year round.


At Gym 115, we believe that everyone can achieve the results that matter to THEM.

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Unrivalled Experience

Over 5O small group classes

At Gym 115, results matter along with the whole experience every time you come in. With over 50 small group training classes, we have found the gap between group fitness and personal training by developing an amazing range of high intensity functional small group training classes that meet all your possible needs. Let our experienced trainers take your goals to the next level at Randwick’s best gym.

Zenergy Studio (Wellness)

Let us get your mind and body working as one for peak health in our dedicated studio.

Offering a range of zen classes from yoga, pilates, barre and more. Need to unwind? The Zenergy studio is the place to go.

One stop shop (other facilities)

At Gym 115, you can enjoy a traditional gym workout on our state of the art equipment with plenty to choose from.

From a good treadmill run, to some light or heavy weight training, no need has been forgotten.

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