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Fitness classes

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Fitness classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted on the timetable.


55 Mins

A strength session focused on big compound lifts such as the Deadlift, improving technique and increasing one’s power/strength. Every 4 weeks we will change the exercise that we are specifically focusing on. We will also be including Olympic lifting movements such as the snatch and the clean.


55 Mins

A full body workout focused on building one’s strength through the use of slow eccentric contractions (when the muscle lengthens), to maximise strength gains and limit the use of momentum. big compound movements and traditional bodybuilding exercises will be used in these sessions. Trainers will encourage members to record their lifts each week, ensuring progressive overload.

115 HYPE (Hypertrophy)

55 Mins

A strength session that is focused on building the size of one’s muscles through volume. Pods will be used in these sessions, targeting different muscle groups to result in a full body workout.


45 Mins

A cardio session that will use different forms of HIIT (high intensity interval training). The aim here is to increase the heart rate rapidly with fast movements, and through the use of short rest periods, maintain this higher heart rate to result in a huge calorie burn.


45 Mins

A cardio session that will combine speed, power and balance to send your heart rate through the roof. Plyometrics and explosive movements will be utilised in these sessions.


45 Mins

A cardio session focused on helping our members increase their physical capability to sustain an exercise for an extended period of time, before fatigue or failure. body weight movements and advanced training technology will be used in these sessions.


45 Mins

A strength session that is designed to target your lower body. If you’re looking to tone, shape and strengthen your legs and butt whilst burning calories our Booty Boot Camp is for you.