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Fitness classes: 45 minutes
Wellness classes: 60 minutes
Unless otherwise noted on the timetable.


High Intensity Interval Training – that is exactly what you will get in this class. Use a stack of machines and implements in a circuit style format. Come ready to push your limits!


High Intensity Interval Training – this class aims to get the heart pumping!! Circuit style training designed specifically to focus on cardio fitness. This class will send your fitness & endurance through the roof!


Jump, crawl, climb, pull, push and throw yourself into this military style workout! We focus on a team mentality, never leave a wounded soldier behind!

Box Fit

A fun, fast paced boxing class designed to increase coordination, balance, speed and shred some serious fat! Partner up and work through all your basic punch combinations and core strength, sweating it out through the 45mins!

HIIT Express

Not for the faint hearted. An intense 30 min session that aims to have your body burning quick and fast. Get that heart rate up, calories burning and feel amazing. Time in no longer an excuse, you will be in and out in 30 mins and feel amazing for the day ahead. Based around high intensity with minimal rest.


New to strength training? Our pin loaded strength circuit class will give you an introduction to basic strength training movements and more confidence in the gym. A great full body workout!

Boxing Pro

Want more than boxing basics for fitness? Then Boxing Pro is for you. With our qualified boxing coach, you will engage in strategy, tactics, demanding combinations and correct techniques to take your boxing skills to the next level.

Women's Strength

Girls have we got the session for you. Get the most bang for your buck with a class focused around those big compound movements. Deadlift the correct way, squat strong, press hard and find your inner warrior.



Here we focus more on a work in, not a workout. A meditative practice holding longer poses and bringing attention to your breath and mind. Increase circulation to the joints and flexibility.



Be the engery you want to attract! Perform a seamless flow of strong and energetic poses, connected by transitional movements. This class will help increase energy and vitality, along with the resilience and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.



Life is change, be flexible! A slower paced practice, great for bringing attention to posture and alignment. Peform precision movements and long holds in all positions standing, kneeling, sitting and lying.


It’s all about mind body connection! Pilates emphasises postural alignment, breathing and deep core activation. Increase muscle tone, strength, flexibility and mobility.


Shape and sculpt those legs, booty and torso to rival J’lo! A blend of deep muscle toning and cardio intervals to keep the heart pumping! Incorporates the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of yoga and the core strengthening of pilates in a dynamic class designed for anyone and everyone.